Coda Service
Coda Service is a company specializing in ICT Project Management. I founded this one-man company in 2010 with the target to serve mainly large and midsize companies and organizations in Helsinki area. I am able to manage projects in English, Swedish, German and Russian. Travelling arrangements can be made as needed, depending on the project.
Areas of Expertise
More detailed information of my expertise areas can be found in my CV which I am glad to present as soon as we have started discussions about potential cooperation. I have a long term history in developing project management methodology and practices in Finland. I am a member in the Finnish Project Management Association , also a board member in the past.
The client base of Coda Service so far consists of a major international ICT company, the Finnish subsidiary of a large international construction company, and a well known financial and insurance corporation. I have partnered with some of the leading ICT consultancy companies in Finland. Business areas of the projects have been B2B CRM, Business intelligence, management and regulatory reporting, migrations of IT infrastructure and databases, and their upgrades.
Coda is a musical term used in western music, referring to a closing section of a musical composition. I have adapted the company name from it, with the analogy that the projects that the company manages will be completed with the highest quality, creating a good and lasting impression to the customer.
It also refers to one of my hobbies, playing reed instruments in a few ensembles.